Oct 19, 2010

huaaa !!! It's really so long not update !!

wouw !! it's really so long not update at here !! haha XDD how are u guys ? I'm so good to be on and update again !!! yeah !!!!

well, for today, I'm not think that I'm good (__ __) cause of what ? yes, 3 things make me should thinking it all the time.. (_ _)

by the way !!! I already took Relationship !! hahah XD well, I will not tell you all about his name. ^^ cause it's gonna so secretly. but I'm happy with him ^^

so what about YAMASHITA TOMOHISA ?? hahah XDD okay, okay about Yamapi.
well, I think I probably could forget about him ^^. wouw ! haha XD cause what ? yes, I thought  he already with KEIKO KITAGAWA, and me ? I already with my BF. heheh.
as you know all, my world is have different world with him, so I could be impossible to reach him. not mean I'm not happy with my BF. hehe.. well, he more care about me ^^ yeah, he looks like Yamapi ,but not all. haha.XDD

about JIN AKANISHI !! well, I'm so miss him. miss what he did to bullied me all the time, or even talking about something. hehe but I think, he already back from LA !! welcome back to JAPAN !! haha XD and I heard he was at OSAKA. wouw ! will he meet with RYO NISHIKIDO ? I don't think so. haha XD
if yes, ouh my ! My friends MIWA will be so a noisy ! haha XDD

well, I think it's enough for this day..


May 10, 2010


hiyaaa~!!! >< Gomen Gomen.. I was so long not Update it T^T huhu.. gomen.. cause few months ago my blog little error and so I couldn't update too.. T^T huuhuhuhu.. gomen..

mean while ~!!!

Last Month ! at 21st April 2010 AyuMi was joined the Competition at SMAN 14 jakarta ! sugeee~!!!
and on that time, AYUMI was singing together with ANDOU-san ! ^^ sugeee !! it's cause ANDOU-san's friends of Miwa, so she wanted to join with us. We sang CRAZY LOVE from KAT-TUN, and so Happy !! we could be the winner !! 2nd winner !! *applausing* (u can watched the Video in Youtube) ^^

ouh!!! JIN AKANISHI WILL HAVE SOLO CONCERT AT L.A !! ^^ My Baka Daddy.. *punch him* haha..
Wish Him always LUCK !! ^^

well, a few weeks ago We are in Trouble, demo it's not mind again ^^ we already fine..
and although bit sad, his account was deleted by someone.. 


ah~!!! one ANNOUNCEMENT AGAIN!! ^^
I will Join to COSPLAY COMPETITION AT 13 rd MAY 2010 !! PLEASE COME ^^ JA !

Feb 11, 2010

Yumu's day 27

Minna !! Konbanwa ne !! ^o^
genki desuka ? hahaha.XD

how are u all ? ^^

Today, Miwa was coming to my home ^^
we took lunch and reahersal ne ^^

u know !! My Cosu dress as Misaki in My sweet Kaichou was out !!
great !
I'm really" to wear it ^^

then, I took photo of it.. actually Miwa was the Photographer ne. so great !! haha
I was like a Photo Model ne ^^


well !! Minna !! Did u all watched JIN and YOU Concert ? waaa !!!
I'm really" wanted to watch that !! ><

few days, I didn't catch Jin online so sad (__ __)
Beni also.
cause I was sleep so early ne..
hiks hiks.. T^T
yeah, cause the Exam !!

then today, when I opened my Fb. I was shocked.
cause what ? yeah, someone write about YAMAPI and KEIKO KITAGAWA relationship.
I mean, They really" in relationship.
cause they got picture when Yamapi at gym, and other place.

and They also said that Yamapi really" treasure Keiko Kitagawa.

ma, It's okay for me now ^^ I already fine about that.
yeah, I should open my eyes and see the reality !!

but not mean I hate him ^^
haha.XD If I hate him, I can make daddy and mommy feeling spoiled ne.
cause they already help me so far ^^.

okay !!

mata ne !!

YAPPE ~!!!
I still have paper of corection from my kohai ><

Feb 9, 2010

Yumu's day 25 and 26

Konbanwa ne Minna-san !!
domou !! AYUMU DESU ! wakaka.XD
why I'm being like Tegoshi ne ?

genki desuka ? ^^

so bad today, all of my score not so good (__ ___)
so sad sad sad. I must stuying more harder than last !
cause I want enter MEIJI ne !

well, I already pick up my dress ^^ haha.XD
demo, it's still secretly for u all ! ^O^

and I made some manga today ^^

yeah, It is AKABEN's FAMILY ^^
hihi ^^

and also Yamapi !^O^

Minna, at saturday, JIN was held his concert ne !
Its started at 7th February untill 28th February ,
Beni mo ^^ she have solo concert too.
waaaa!! all of AKABEN's Family so busy this month. (__ __)

demo I hope Jin and Beni not forget about VALENTINE ! ^^

ja na minna !!
Oyasumi !!

Feb 6, 2010

Yumu's day 24

Konbanwa ne Minna !! ^o^
genki desuka ?

So tired today ! cause I was attending my uncle's wedding party.
so great ne ^^

it made me dreaming about my Wedding Party later. ^^
I would like Japanese themes and Indonesia themes.
so it's mean I would like to make 2 culture in my Wedding party ^^
yeah, I want using KIMONO BATIK
it'll so great ne ! ^^

Tomorrow, maybe I will pick up my Costume ^^
yeah, For COSPLAY . hihi, Not pantient to see and wear it ! haha.XD
and also tomorrow, Miwa will come. cause we have reahersal for a while..
our performance still 2 weeks again.
but feeling so excited !! ^o^

So great ne ^^

Yesterday, I was chatting with BENI. ^^
we going crazy ne ^o^ also with Miwyo (Miwa),
Last night was so great night, althought Jin was online for a while..

I heard from Jin that Kamenashi Kazuya will birthday soon ! wouw ! so great !
What present that he will give ^^

I miss, Yamapi now.. SO so MUCH !
haha, ^^

I want learn how to make CURRY.
cause I want Yamapi eat that.. haha ^^
well, he love CURRY very much ! so I want to make it for him. ^^

okay !

Ja na !! ^^

Feb 5, 2010

Yumu's day 21,22 and 23

waaahhhh~!!! Minna !!
Gomen gomen !! ><
I was not able to upload my Blog ne.

I got great NEWS !!!
AyuMi was Past that audition ! so we will preparing for our Next performance later ^^
so happy so happy !
AyuMi will do our best!! ^-^b
thanks for minna who pray for us.

today !
I'm so sad ne ! Cause Yamapi look so thin.
actually, I don't like Thin boy ^^
I like fat but not so fat.
Yamapi at Code Blue season 2 also so thin ne.
He need more EAT !! cause, at break time he always said that he will go eat CURRY ..
He never eat Meat (althought at Curry also have meat)
He need more vegetables, and maybe little snack.
I don't like he so thin, cause it can make his body not fit 100%.
yeah ! He also must not DRINKING to much !
I know, why he always drink. He want warm his body, but don't untill drunk and going home so late
I'm afraid if he got something bad in a midle of night.

okay ! Next !
Listen !
my Daddy Jin was so hyper !
well, is not him at 1st to been Hyper.
yeah! I'm the first also my AKABEN's Family ^^
u know all He was saying like this " I'm more handsome than YAMAPi ne AyuPi !"
what he was mean ? hahha.XD
so confident ^O^
demo, should I say, Both of Jin and Yamapi are handsome.
but my Ichiban still YAMAPI  !!

Minna !!
Valentine will come ! haha.XD do u already prepare something for u'r couple ?
ma, I want give Yamapi my chocolate, demo how ne ?

okay minna !
just it ^^

see u tomorrow !!
I hope I could online again ^^

MATA NE!! ^^ 

Feb 1, 2010

Yumu's day 20

Konbanwa ne Minna ~!!.
today, it was a sleepy day.
why ?
cause, I was sleeping at class. wakaka.XD

yeah~! at midle of exam, I was sleep..
and I didn't know, my answer was right or not. I just believe my self.

wah~!! 5th February !! please coming soon !! wahahah>XD
cause I want to know that AyuMi could be past of that audition or not ne .

minna ! Did u already hear Kat-tun D-motion song ?
if u still not hear it, wah ! its so bad ne ! waakkak.XD
That's song its really great !
Kat-tun was using sound effect, so their voice become so kawaii~!! ><

I just download that, and NEWS song..

I miss my prince Yamapi now..
I was make a Fried noodle for him, but he still not came.
so I decided to ate it, cause I was so hungry.

Gomen ne Yamapi, I will make that again for u. wakakak.XD

okay !!!
This week of exam !
Gambatte Minna ~!!